We fight traffic tickets on your behalf using our team of highly skilled Traffic Attorneys. 

Our Traffic Attorneys know the law inside and out.  Our Traffic Attorneys understand how important it is for you to have a clean driving record and fight your case knowing how an insurance premium can be affected by a traffic ticket.  We understand that Michigan residents are hardworking individuals who rely on their vehicles for work and familial obligations.  We also understand the importance of having a clean driving record so that one is not paying unnecessary insurance premiums every month.  Traffic tickets result in increased demerit points, payment of fines and other court costs, and in the worst case, even jail time.  At Traffic Ticket Warrior, we understand that your driving record is as important as your credit and criminal history and keeping these things in mind, we fight vigorously to ensure that your record stays free and clear to the fullest extent possible.  

Why choose ticket warrior?

  1. Our highly skilled Traffic Attorneys are experienced, aggressive, and knowledgeable of Michigan Traffic Laws and are well respected and reputable among Michigan Courts. 
  2. We will represent you in all Michigan Courts and fight to have your tickets reduced if not dismissed entirely. 
  3. Our Traffic Attorneys have an expert understanding of the Court procedures involved and how to efficiently deal with Courts to achieve a favorable result in your situation. 
  4. We will ensure that you do not make the mistake of pleading guilty to a traffic ticket and paying a fine or pleading guilty to demerit points without first consulting with Traffic Ticket Warrior. 

how do we fight your traffic tickets?  

Ticket Warrior specializes in fighting and beating all moving violations that occur within the State of Michigan.  The Michigan Motor Vehicle Code can generally be divided into two major categories.  The first is crimes and the second is civil infractions.  Misdemeanors and felonies fall under the crimes category.  A felony under Michigan law, is any crime that is punishable by more than one year in prison, while a misdemeanor is any crime punishable by up to a year in jail.  MCL 761.1(h)(g).  On the other hand, a civil infraction is punishable by a fine only.  For civil infractions, jury trials are not available, and jail sentences are not imposed. 

Driver's license sanctions are handled exclusively by the Michigan Department of State.  The department may suspend a driver's license for, among other reasons, an undesirable driving record, failure to pay child support, an unsatisfied judgement in an automobile negligence suit, and certain crimes related to the use of a motor vehicle.  License suspensions and denials may, under certain circumstances, be appealed to the Secretary of State's Administrative Hearing Section or to circuit court. 

At Traffic Ticket Warrior, our goal is to assign your case to one of our highly skilled Traffic Attorneys who are seasoned and understand Traffic Laws and are familiar with the Court Procedures of Michigan Courts.  



When most people think of a traffic ticket, a speeding ticket comes to mind.  When you receive a speeding ticket, there are numerous ways by which our highly skilled Traffic Attorneys at Traffic Ticket Warrior can argue against the manner in which the speeding ticket was issued.  When the police issue you a speeding ticket using a moving radar detector, they must follow certain guidelines in order to prevent your due process rights from being violated.  This was established by People v Ferency, 133 Mich App 526. 351 NW2d 225 (1984).  In order to avoid any violation of your due process rights, these are few of the many guidelines that must be met in order to allow into evidence speed readings from a radar detector: 

  1. The officer who was operating the device has adequate training and experience in its operation; 
  2. The radar device was in proper working condition and properly installed in the patrol vehicle at the time of the issuance of the citation; and 
  3. The device was used in an area where road conditions are such that there is a minimum possibility of distortion. 

Traffic Ticket Warrior's Traffic Attorneys are experienced, aggressive, and knowledgeable in Michigan's Traffic Laws and know how to fight and beat speeding tickets among others. 


A drunk driving charge is the most common type of criminal traffic offense.  See our DUI page for more information about impaired driving related offenses. 


Ticket Warrior Traffic Attorneys are aggressive, experienced, and knowledgeable in fighting and beating other major traffic offenses for which penalties may include fines, jail time, and even license sanctions.   Specifically, our Traffic Attorneys have successfully beat cases involving: 

  • Reckless driving; 
  • Driving with a suspended license; 
  • Leaving the scene of an accident; and 
  • Fleeing and eluding the police 

other traffic offenses

Ticket Warrior has some of the best Traffic Attorneys in Michigan who have successfully beat the following types of traffic tickets among others: 

  • Driving without valid insurance; 
  • Driving while on a suspended license; 
  • Texting while driving; 
  • Driving while on probation; 
  • Disobeying or failing to stop at a Stop Sign; 
  • Traffic tickets received by non-residents travelling in Michigan; 
  • Failing to remain at the scene of an accident; 
  • Leaving the scene of an accident; 
  • Driving too Slow; and
  • Speeding

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