You are driving to work one morning during a cold Michigan winter when suddenly, you see a glare of police sirens in your rear view mirror.  You were already running late for work and were driving along with what you thought was traffic flow.  The officer does not care, takes 15 minutes of your time, and issues you a $300 speeding ticket.  You are wondering how you will manage to pay the fine and what will surely result in hiked insurance rates.  What do you do?  You call Traffic Ticket Warrior, a Michigan Professional Corporation that consists of a team of highly skilled Traffic Attorneys who fight tickets ranging from speeding tickets to running stop signs and DUI's.  

Our highly skilled Traffic Attorneys will work hard to get your traffic ticket reduced if not have it dismissed.  One one hand, you can try to fight your traffic ticket yourself but the chances of you succeeding in having your ticket reduced are minimal at best.  Instead of taking this risk which results in additional court costs and essentially, a hike in your insurance rates, having a licensed Attorney represent you in court gives you a much better chance at having your traffic ticket reduced if not dismissed. 

Our Attorneys are experienced, aggressive, and know how to achieve results.  They will argue a personalized defense on your behalf that is unique to your situation.  They will then present this defense to the Court and work with the Prosecuting Attorney to have your ticket reduced if not dismissed.  With years of collective experience, our Attorneys have established a reputation among various Michigan Courts and can obtain a favorable result on your behalf.  

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